RIVERSIDE, CA- Sullivan Solar Power staff recently sat down to speak with Shelley Brumbaugh of Energy Independence Magazine about how they are assisting the Inland Southern California region in leading the race to energy independence. They also spoke about programs offered to help communities go solar.


David Savarese, Project Developer for Sullivan Solar Power stated that “going green” is the main goal. He explained how Sullivan Solar is currently reaching out to local cities and communities with a Community Development Program with the objective “to build a strong community of energy efficient programs,” exclaims David.
Sullivan Solar goes into a city and builds relationships with the city officials, businesses and chambers of commerce, to build on how and where certain systems installed. These energy strategies are assisting cities in reaching their renewable energy goals set by the state of California.

According to Dustin Urquhart, Business Development Manager for Sullivan Solar Power, “The key is to build a strong nucleus and gain the trust of our customers”.

The city of Temecula has been a very successful district for Sullivan Solar Power, where they recently sold over 375 thousand watts of solar power in a 3 month time frame. Corona is also a district that has participated in the Sullivan Solar Community Development Program and is moving toward their renewable energy goals.

Urquhart explains how offering incentives helps their company promote solar energy to communities they partner with. Businesses and home owners are currently receiving cash back incentives through state and federal rebates programs as well as performance based rebates.

As a part of Sullivan Solar Power marketing strategy they also offer educational seminars to homeowners, businesses and city and county officials on the benefit of using solar energy. David Savarese stated that Dan Sullivan, President and CEO has always wanted to give back to the communities he was working with. As a former IBEW member and a NECA contractor, Sullivan Solar Power only hires highly trained electricians through the local IBEW chapters to install his systems. Urquhart, stated “We are installing small power plants on these roof tops and it’s vital to ensure the systems are installed safely and correctly. By using professional, certified IBEW electricians who know how the system works, we are not only protecting the customer’s investment, we are also supporting their local economy by hiring men and women from their community.”

Sullivan Solar Power: Leading The Pack Towards Energy Independence
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