Riverside, CA— Daniel’s Electrical has been in business for 40 years. Ispas says they focus on commercial projects, new construction, remodeling jobs and solar work. They also plan, design and carry out several projects within the public sector.

“We worked for the Colton Unified School District. We just finished a 250,000 square foot high school,” Ispas said.

They are currently working for the Desert Sands Unified School District in La Quinta on four new high school buildings. One is a gymnasium and another is a culinary facility. They are bringing in power to classrooms while working on the communications and lighting systems with a team of skilled professionals.

When asked about green technology, such as LED lighting fixtures, Ispas said that it’s slowly coming into the scope of work, although it’s probably going to be at least another year before they can reduce the cost enough to make it feasible.

He said, “Public institutions look at the pay-back period, and many times it is more than five years.” He went on to explain that they are currently using other green systems such as HVAC efficiency controls, adding, “I only know of a couple places that are using LED lighting at this time.”

As far as government subsidies and incentives for green energy technology go, from Ispas’ point of view, he thinks that public facilities should be initially designed around energy efficient equipment.

“Once they get those things specified, it locks the bidders in, (and) the contractors in to use this type of equipment which would benefit the cities, the municipalities and public works for a long period of time,” he said.

Ispas talked about his company’s practice of using skilled union electricians and why it is important for Daniel’s to employ members of the IBEW.
“We feel they are very well trained,” he said. “They work hard. They’re productive and they take pride in their work. In the long haul, it definitely benefits our clients.”

Ispas also talked about the importance of installing more electric vehicle charging stations in municipal buildings and large businesses throughout the I.E. He said Daniel’s had installed several of the devices already, adding, “I think as we’re doing these new buildings, we should put the infrastructure up front. I think it’s important. I think that is the way the economy is going, and people are looking for more green vehicles.”

Finally, going forward, Ispas said that Daniel’s Electrical Construction Company would continue to employ a skilled union workforce and persist in educating them with new energy saving technologies that will help to further their steady growth in electrical contracting throughout the Inland Empire.

Interview with Tom Ispas, of Daniels Electric